Getting Started

These guides assume some familiarity with JavaScript, React, Discord.js and the Discord API. Keep these pages as reference if you need it.

Setup from template

Use this starter template to get off the ground quickly.

Adding to an existing project

Install Reacord and dependencies:

# npm
npm install reacord react discord.js

# yarn
yarn add reacord react discord.js

# pnpm
pnpm add reacord react discord.js

Create a Discord.js client and a Reacord instance:

// main.jsx
import { Client } from "discord.js"
import { ReacordDiscordJs } from "reacord"

const client = new Client()
const reacord = new ReacordDiscordJs(client)

client.on("ready", () => {

await client.login(process.env.BOT_TOKEN)

To use JSX in your code, run it with tsx:

npm install tsx
tsx main.tsx