Use the <Button /> component to create a message with a button, and use the onClick callback to respond to button clicks.

import { Button } from "reacord"

function Counter() {
	const [count, setCount] = useState(0)

	return (
			You've clicked the button {count} times.
			<Button label="+1" onClick={() => setCount(count + 1)} />

The onClick callback receives an event object. It includes some information, such as the user who clicked the button, and functions for creating new replies in response. These functions return message instances.

import { Button } from "reacord"

function TheButton() {
	function handleClick(event) {
		const name = event.guild.member.displayName || event.user.username

		const publicReply = event.reply(`${name} clicked the button. wow`)
		setTimeout(() => publicReply.destroy(), 3000)

		const privateReply = event.ephemeralReply("good job, you clicked it")
		privateReply.deactivate() // we don't need to listen to updates on this

	return <Button label="click me i dare you" onClick={handleClick} />

See the API reference for more information.